Join us at MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo

February 23-26 in Phoenix, AZ

Improve workplace challenges, inspire innovation and spur change

Our team is looking forward to this year’s annual SME conference in Phoenix. We’ll be digging into solutions for every mining stage, from exploration to operations. Our team at the booth can work with you to:

  • Explore all the tools you need to get the most out of your exploration dollars

  • Advance the science of your geological field mapping with state-of-the-art technology and practices

  • Create real-world mine plans and schedules that maximize the efficiency and profitability of your mine

  • Increase ore recovery and safety at your open pit or underground site with sophisticated solutions for stability and conformance monitoring of slopes or mine workings

  • Tailor workflows to ensure consistency, maximum efficiency, and peak utilization (Ask about Maptek Process Partnerships)

Be sure to stop by booth #1321 during the conference to discuss all this and more.

Must attend technical sessions

The Many Styles of Mapping: How Mapping Can Impact the Mining Cycle

Identify the various purposes and techniques of mapping throughout the mining cycle. Learn impactful ways to use the results of your mapping efforts.

Mon, 2/24 | 2:25 PM | North 222A

Integration of Terrestrial Lidar & Aerial Photogrammetry for Geotechnical & Geologic Mapping: Hybrid Approach

Learn about an integrated approach that combines these two technologies and avoids the individual weaknesses that each presents.

Mon, 2/24 | 2:25 PM | North 222C

How to Bridge the Gap of Inexperienced Geologic Mappers in the 21st Century

Discover how to bridge the growing gap of experience by leveraging both traditional mapping methods and innovative technology to ensure collaboration between field mappers of all experience levels.

Tue, 2/25 | 3:05 PM | North 223

Resourceful Geologist’s Toolkit for Rapid, Geologically Sound Domain Characterization

See how today’s geologists can use various toolkits, including a machine learning approach, to rapidly generate domains based on multiple sources of geologic data.

Wed, 2/26 | 9:25 AM | North 222A

On the Ultimate Pit Problem with Minimum Mining Width

Explore an extended formulation of the ultimate pit problem that directly considers an arbitrary minimum mining width.

Wed, 2/26 | 2:05 PM | North 225A

Modeling in-Situ Coal to Target Potential REE

Did you know that thermal coal with an economic scale of REE is an alternative source of product from thermal coal mines? This could revitalize the coal industry.

Wed, 2/26 | 2:45 PM | North 226B

Strike up some fun at our happy hour!

What’s better than learning new things at a conference? Learning + a happy hour!

Roll on over to Lucky Strike on Monday evening and enjoy some drinks and food on us.


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